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Cork n Keg Wine & Liquor
430 Rubber Avenue, Naugatuck, CT 06770, US
PH: +1 203-490-2082
  • New Location, New Owners
  • Boutique Wine Collection
  • Local and Imported Beer
  • Free Delivery above $ 200
  • Party & Event Planning
  • Cocktail Recipe
  • Connecticut Lottery
  • Wine Tasting and more..

We understand if you dont feel like driving today, we understand if your dont have a car or ride, we understand you might have function, we understand of any reason you want us to deliver, we are happy to do so. We deliver any order above $ 200 depending on the location. Please give us a call for your requirement and we will bring it to your door steps. Please be advise that we require ID to deliver any alcoholic products. We wont be able to complete our delivery if you are under 21 years of age.

We appreciate tips to our delivery boys.

Delivery Condition:

  • Please have your ID ready upon the delivery.
  • You must be 21 and over to purchase any alcoholic beverages.
  • If ID not provided we will not be able to complete the delivery.
  • Required to fill age statement form.
  • Please drink responsibily.